XERP Purchase

Why XERP Purchase

XERP Purchase is the strategic and coherent approach to the purchase management of an organization – where time, communication, right decision making contributes to the achievement of the objectives of the business. This Purchase system solution will help the organization from the requistion to supplier refund,  which covers the full cycle of Purchase Management System.

Your organization requires suppliers to source products, services and raw materials to run the business and production. So most of the time you need to use external sources who have the expertise in certain areas to supply these products, services and raw materials to the organization. The most important fact you can’t deny that is, a big part of your return on investment depends “how you control your purchase cost?”

We believe you have a strong and faithful purchase team, but to increase the efficiency and make your purchase more fruitful for your company you need to keep proper track of the purchase process. And this will ensure to control parches cost or over purchase.

With the daily activities of an organization it becomes very hard to follow up or to do all the purchase task like supplier choosing, purchase query, Comparative statement, tender generation, management and evaluation, supplier payment, refund and so on.

We Extreme Solutions offering you a total solution (XERP Purchase) for your purchase management. We ensure you this’ll help you to purchase goods and services from external suppliers more effectively and more efficiently. This will also streamlines all Purchasing activities, saving you time and money, while helping you better manage your supplier relationships. Our goal is to ensure you, end-to-end visibility of the entire purchase process, proper supplier comparison and performance evaluation and contract compliance.

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