XERP for Washing Plants


Washing Plant is a part of the Garments industry. Where garment product get a proper chemical or organic treatment to future use. Here in Bangladesh it’s becoming popular to the small investor to setup a washing plant and do business. But this is a highly labor intensive work and sensitive too. A simple mistake will bring you to the ground. And for this you need a proper business solution for your washing plant business to maintain proper track for business process, production and delivery.

So this this has become very important to integrate the apparel industry with information technology. This is the era of information technology and it has one of the great invitation called Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP). This is a tool that ensure effective coordination between the business departments of the organization to the direct production process by providing competitive information analysis and forecast the future.

XERP ERP is one of the best ERP for this industry, which is developed in Bangladesh for local business trends and practice, but with the international standard.

XERP ERP offer all of the key features which will help you to ensure your completive advantage and which will lead you the success.

  • Proper monitoring and control
  • Accurate planning and scheduling of orders
  • Better data predictions
  • Quick response to query
  • On-line detailed information
  • Effective Production Management
  • Effective Chemical/Recipe Management
  • Effective Inventory Mangement
  • Control Overall cost
  • Proper Labor Management
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