XERP Business Intelligence (BI)

XERP Business Intelligence (BI) is offering you easy-to-use analytics and business intelligence tools. With these tools you can explore your data. Create new patterns, rich visual and insights.

Get the current scenario. Fast:

You’ll be able to know the recent scenario of your organization or business by the various infographics of related data and identify the relations. These will ultimately create new opportunities and disclose hidden threats.

Visual Information for better analysis:

Various comparison info graph allows you to understand your data visually. So you can take the decision easily by just take a look to the targeted vs actual result.

Work smartly:

Just do not guess, take the right decision. Because each and every decision in your business is important so take it smartly. Our BI will help you to identify and find out the specific point to where you need to take decision.

It’s Easy:

Not everyone in your business is not expert in all sector. But all of your business department works for a single goal. So they all need to take part in decision making or situation analysis. BI will make it clear and easy to understand for all.

Info Graph form any Data:

Our BI system can create visual info graph or info matrix from almost any data and it’s customizable too. So you have comparison visual for every possible data.

Impact Analysis:

XERP BI can predict the upcoming scenario for your business by analyzing your business trend and the market trends.

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