Every business or organization’s ultimate target is to manage the process effectively and efficiently, which leads to the final goal that is success. All the processes like accurate record keeping, resource identification, resource allocation, planning, execution, reporting or analysis are almost same in every business or organization, just their complexity and nature is different according to the size and the methodology. But in this era you must need a computer based system or automation to run and manage your business which will ensure the perfect operation. Enterprise resource planning from Extreme Solutions will provide you the right toolkit to manage your business perfectly.

Solutions for your “Need”:

XERP can be implemented by module wise. This is why you will be able to choose module modules based on your need. You can upgrade or add modules to your system as your company grows or with the changes of your requirements. XERP system covers every aspect of the business like Finance, Manufacturing and Distribution, as well as advance reporting system, automated planning and workflow system. You just need to identify your requirements.

Connecting your “Business World”:

XERP solutions can be deployed in your premises or in the cloud. Distance or variations of business center is not a big deal, our system will connect all the business or center in a single platform. You will be knowing everything whatever happening in your business within a single click. Even our Mobile App will help you to connect you to your on the go business or people.

Innovations and Technology:

We believe in innovations. We always try to incorporate new ideas or solutions in our system. And for the technology we never compromise. Always keep our system upgraded with the advance technology, which ensure an improve system for your business to have access to the latest technology and solutions.


One of the best feature of XERP is customization. The product menu and user interfaces are fully customizable and configurable according to your need or as per your user.


The lifeblood of a business or organization is data, so the integrity and security for the data is the top priority. XERP system incorporated with a security system that can strongly prevent unauthorized access and data sabotage. Security level and authorization can be set as per role or user according to the transections, activities and even fields.

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