Machine Learning in Bangladesh

Natural Language Processing is used to process human language in order to understand it the way we do. Thanks to complex computing algorithms, a computer can process our language quickly and provide answers and results in real time.

  • Sentiment and social media analysis:

Want to know what people write about your products?
Where do they do it?
Who are they?

An advanced algorithm will scan the web in real time to give you an instant update on your branding analysis. You`ll have control of what and where people write about you. Your reaction can be faster, you can protect your brand better.

Wider in-depth understanding of the market can help you understand your customers better and guide them smoothly through your product range. Start measuring how people perceive the changes you implement.

  • Automatic text summary

Tired of reading piles of text? What if somebody read them and then summed it up for you?

Reading large articles, legal regulations, product descriptions or even movie screenplays is always time-consuming and might sometimes be boring. You may also lose track of the bigger picture focusing on irrelevant details. Our solution will extract the essence and most important elements from a large amount of text giving you a fast and brief summary of the document.

  • AI chatbot 

What if you did not have to worry about how to provide support to your customers 24/7 ?

Intelligent Assistant will engage customers and prospects on both the voice and digital channel, understand their intent, participate in the exchange of dialog and fully assist in accomplishing transactions to drive positive outcomes. We evaluated the needs of an enterprise in deploying an effective chatbot and seized on weaknesses with existing offerings. From the ability to add automation, utilizing best-of-breed NLP, reuse of existing knowledge silos, graphical designers, and multi-channel, we believe we can provide an enterprise-ready chatbots as good as others at a lower expense.

Predictive Maintenance Service


What if you already knew when a machine was going to fail?

What are the causes of failures and what maintenance actions should be performed to fix these issues?

You could then schedule maintenance activities so as to keep shutdowns as short as possible or avoid them altogether. This is already possible today thanks to the advance of digitalization: The continuous collection and intelligent analysis of process and operational data enable you to predict the optimal time for machine and plant component maintenance. The evaluation of this data also helps to increase energy transparency within the company. As a machine and plant operator you benefit from a substantial increase in productivity and efficiency, thanks to our Predictive Services.

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