Corporate governance system should be implemented, so that governance, risk and compliance (GRC) becomes the part of the framework that integrates business architecture, process, people and technology.

  • Business Architecture: GRC starts with understanding the strategy, objective and policy of the business.
  • Process: An organization’s activities runs through process, therefore these must be included so that governance and compliance goals can be set and identify the risk.
  • People: Compliance can be set easily if the rolls and responsibilities are clearly defined this also reduce the risk of the management.
  • Technology: it’s a technology which is not only required to ensure operational transections but also to manage the processes, roles, permission or accesses, more over you can say, it handles the information flow.

GRC and Business

  • Governance: Activities or processes by which organizations manage and moderate the business risk; includes enterprise performance, integrated reporting in time and reliable information.
  • Risk Management: Take preventative actions and monitor actions to evaluate all relevant business and external risks.
  • Compliance: Assure compliance reporting, monitor process and workflow, ensure integrated reporting and confirms role permission according to the policies.


GRC Requirement XERP Solution
Business structure analysis and documentation Arrangement analysis, Process Demonstration
Process compliance and risk management Process Demonstration, workflow Management, Info graph and Dashboard, Fixed Assets, Inventory Forecasting and optimization.
Risk Control and compliance oversight Role based access control, e-Signature, and Information flow control.
Compliance Reporting and Monitoring Info graph and Dashboard, Report Service, Statistical Assessment
Governance Monitoring Analytics, Info graph and Dashboard, e-Signature, Assets Module.
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