External Integration Management

XERP offers and provides you a complete integration framework through to client interface. Integrating the external and internal business is the key to getting the most form from your ERP software.

XERP Business External Integration allows you to:

  • Allow customers to interact directly to the business.
  • Trusted suppliers can update the supply status to your system.
  • Stock monitoring through handheld device.
  • Your workforce can access to the system from anywhere at any time.
  • Don’t need to worry about the integrated update system, it’ll happen along with the software.
  • Simple and custom configuration for you system.
  • Varity tools for the integrated management information system.

XERP framework for the integration allows you to work with other system within the organization and beyond the organization.

  • Integrates all of your business from the group of companies.
  • Information exchange from external device and technology.
  • Remote and real-time access from web.
  • Easy information sharing with business partners.
  • User interface improvement.

XERP integration framework include services like:

  1. XERP net solutions
  2. XERP interface
  3. Document flow manager
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