Automotive – Components and accessories

Components and Accessories

In Automotive Components and Accessories industry, success depends on product and collaborative environment of right quality, quantity, improve production flow and rotation time. Pridesys provides a solution for this industry, which is creative and innovative, also capable to handle challenges.

Our Pridesys ERP provides all the required unique features for this industry. For example the OEM service (Original Equipment Manufacturer) to identify unique and original products.

Pridesys provides the all in one solution with this system from production planning to schedule the delivery. Software will help you to forecast the sales quota and the operating budget, determination of the target sales to meet the breakeven is also possible.

The most important thing in this sector to maintain a proper supply chain and inventory. To maintain an uninterruptable supply chain you need an inventory forecast system and to maintain an effective inventory serial tracking system will be provided to you. And other regular facilities will be included too.

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